Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Low Rider Iphone Theme

Ios 7 and ios 6 as well with jailbreak and winterboard icons, for Ios 8 you need to have IconBundles from Cydia, and the theme only works in Iphone 4s,5,5s,and 6 for the Plus you need to rename some icons.
 80 more icons
5 Wallpapers
 SMS Background 
rotation lock 
icon battery
 Badges (need clasic badges from cydia) 
BiteSms Theme 
 Loading theme 
Colorkeyboard theme for match 
3.50 Dollars Donation ;) 
Iphone 4,4s,5,5s,5c Jailbroken devices *After purchase please click return to merchant to be redirected to download link* *Not Refunds due the nature of the product* Please save all your wallpapers, themes and skins on dropbox, box or pc I will not resend links.

Ios 8 buy here

Ios 7 buy here


  1. Hello 😊

    I have an iPhone 6+ and I was wondering how to rename some of the icons if you don't mind me asking. Like, I have a kakao talk app that doesn't have a themed icon. Thank you!!!

    1. You need to download the bundlesid tweak from cydia, and bundled name for the app you want to rename and copy the icon and move to the IconBundles file and rename it with that name.

    2. Ok I've got it figured out now, thank you so much for your help!

    3. Can you help me with this please? I don't understand how to rename an icon. When i click on the app name in the bundlesid tweak it gives me the same name that is already with the theme but the icon is not themed. It's for skype. It says com.skype.skype....but the app icon is already named that.

    4. Is in the iconbundles folder inside you found the folder and there you rename the icon

    5. There is an icons folder and a bundles folder but no iconbundles folder. When i go into the bundles folder there is already a skype folder that is named com.skype.skype which is the same name that the bundlesid tweak gave me so i cant rename it because its already the same name.

    6. You talk about the ios 8 version or wich one you have it?

  2. Hi I have the same question ^ I can't figure this out. Please and thank you!

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  4. Hey, I'm having trouble with my wallpapers, dialer and sms backgrounds... Could you please help me locate them ??... THANKSS!